Reduce Stress - Become more effective in your personal and professional life.
Grow - Become comfortable with being uncomfortable and learn how to navigate change.
Manage Time - Learn how to prioritize and get the most you can out of your days.
Read People - Effectively discover how to influence and interpret body language.
Be Entertained - Have fun and watch real life examples that are easy to relate to.


Her Happy Clients Include Government Personnel, Associations/Clubs, Nonprofit Organizations, And Education & Private Sectors

Real, Raw and Relevant

Consider Faith your personal “Behavioral Profiler” for Hire!  

When you are looking to retool your perspective or behavioural strategies (personally or with a team) FAITH can help!  She will evaluate your current belief and behaviour patterns and help design a blueprint for maximizing your strengths and opportunities.  When you understand an individual’s behavioural profile, this can lead to:

Reduced conflicts

Improved communication

Better team cohesion

Improved performance and effectiveness

Faith Will Show You How To…

  • Leverage your collective intelligence by asking better questions and showing up differently
  • Remain emotionally neutral in a crisis (and other times when you need to be)
  • Re-engineer behavioral choices that could use a little tweaking, especially in the heat of conflict
  • Stop doing, thinking and believing in ways that are no longer serving you

“Hi Faith, I really enjoyed your presentations at the PMI NAC conference. Besides the content that you presented, I thoroughly enjoyed your energy, dynamics, humour and the pedagogical approaches that you used. Fabulous speaker and presenter!
-Elyse Mireille Lecharrois
PMI – NAC Conference 2014


Phenomenal Presentations With High-Quality Content

Ignite Your Passions, Motivate Your Leadership Teams; Leverage your strengths!

Faith Wood specializes in inspiring and increasing behavioural flexibility – particularly in moments of conflict, stress, and influence (with and without authority).

With a focus on specific outcomes, she has a proven track record through her personalized consulting as well as Keynote & Workshop training opportunities.

Conflict Resolution – Gain valuable insights on how to be more diplomatic, address bully related issues, respond to negativity on and offline, establish clear expectations and boundaries, navigate change with more certainty and adopt the skills of mindful negotiation

Stress Management – Learn the techniques of reducing your stress response, increasing your mental toughness and bounce back more quickly from crisis and adversity

Influence & Persuasion Training – Sometimes you hold a title and often you don’t, but you may still need to get everyone moving in the same direction.  Discover “street worthy” skills of constructive persuasion and ethical influence.


“Faith delivers!  The presentation on Body Language was entertaining and very informative.  Real life examples were so easy to relate to and I learned a great deal.  I would highly recommend Faith for you next seminar!”
Natalie Sinotte
Specialist, Health, Safety and Wellness

Amazing Author Of 5 And Counting!

Faith is an author of 4 astonishing books!  They are:

  1. Life Under the Limbo Bar (Stress Management)
  2. Fundraising on a Shoestring (Viral Marketing)
  3. Taking the Bully by the Horns (Youth Bullying)
  4. The Graduated Bully (Workplace Bullying)
  5. The Accidental Audience (A Novel based on Behavioral Profiling – the first in the Colbie Colleen Series)

You can check out my books and many more of my products by clicking here.

Learn More About Faith

“Faith is a very versatile instructor, able to make general concepts relevant and applicable to the group.”
Influence with Integrity Training, 2014


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